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International Day of Peace 2016

This year our International Day of Peace resource explores three important Building Blocks for Peace - gender equality, climate justice, and nuclear disarmament.

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The International Day of Peace, marked each year on 21st September, is a time for individuals, community groups, nations and international organisations to re-commit to the way of peace with justice. Three case examples highlight ways that the Uniting Church is working in partnership with others to address gender inequality, take action on climate injustice and seek nuclear disarmament. Through addressing these injustices, we move closer to reaching a just peace. This resource includes theological reflection, worship resources, and action ideas for activities in support of peace with justice. Download the complete resource here.

Gender Equality

Women throughout the world tend to earn less, bear the greater burden of unpaid work, be excluded from decision making, and have fewer opportunities to demonstrate their leadership potential. The work of UnitingWorld in confronting gender inequality and gender based violence in the Pacific is a significant contribution to a just peace. Read more ...

Climate Justice

While the wealthiest and most powerful people have contributed the most to climate change, it is those least responsible who are feeling its effects most keenly. The Uniting Church’s Pacific  Island partners are equipping leaders to respond to and prepare for extreme weather events. They call on those of us who are most responsible for climate change to actively stand in solidarity with those most affected and seek global action. Read more...

Ending the nuclear age 

While Australia does not own any nuclear weapons, we benefit from the perceived security of the USA’s nuclear stockpile, we have a history of mining and exporting uranium and there are plans to create a national nuclear waste facility in South Australia. The Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress is opposed to this injustice. Read more ...