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UnitingJustice has made a submission to the Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee in regards to the lack of medical and mental health facilities on offshore detention sites.

UnitingJustice has made recommendations to the Expert Panel on Asylum Seekers, highlighting the urgent need for the Government to implement sustainable, compassionate and humanitarian policies.

UnitingJustice welcomes the proposed creation of the role of a National Children’s Commissioner. However, it believes the current role does not go far enough to protect the rights of children and young people. UnitingJustice proposes several changes to the National Children’s Commissioner Bill.

The Uniting Church believes that all people must be equal before the law, and that the Bills proposed balance the rights associated with freedom of religion with the rights of non-discrimination and equality.

Torture is among the most heinous of all human rights violations. It can never be justified, and UnitingJustice believes that the existing legislation does not go far enough to fulfil our commitment to its prevention. The Uniting Church hopes that this National Interest Analysis signals the final step in its implementation into Australian legislation.

UnitingJustice offers its full support for the Packaging Impacts Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement. The plan offers considered solutions to the problem of packaging waste, which has been one of the most persistent environmental problems Australians face.

The Attorney General has released an exposure draft of the National Human Rights Action Plan. UnitingJustice seeks strong human rights policies which contribute to building a society where the rights of all people are valued and upheld. It is disappointed that the Plan focuses primarily on current activities and commitments, and fails to offer commitments for positive change.

UnitingJustice has made comment on consolidation of Australia's Anti-Discrimination Laws. Discrimination is both a cause and consequence of poverty and social exclusion and a denial of human dignity. It should not be accepted in a democratic society and strengthening Australia’s anti-discrimination legislation to ensure that it is not tolerated or encouraged should be the aim of this project.

UnitingJustice believes that the Stronger Futures legislative package fails to support Indigenous Australians and does not take into account evidence-based research which demonstrates the importance of empowering Indigenous peoples to take control of their own lives and destinies.

UnitingJustice has made a submission to the Independent Inquiry into Insecure Work in Australia. advocating policies which support dignity in both employment and unemployment, especially for the country’s most vulnerable workers.

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