UCA Statements

Wik and Native Title Concerns

01 July 1997
The Assembly resolved to call on the Federal Government, in amending the "Native Title Act":
  1. to recognise the supreme importance for the identity, health and well being of Aboriginal people of their relationship with their land;
  2. to take into account the importance of this fact for the well being, harmony and economy of the nation as a whole;
  3. to reject any proposal that will have the effect directly or indirectly of extinguishing or diminishing native title rights;
  4. to develop a regime of co-existence in the land whereby native title rights are upheld at the same time as pastoralists, mining companies and other developers are granted secure, but limited statutory rights in the same land;
  5. to require and facilitate regional/local negotiation between registered native title claimants and other people with interests in the land, concerning their various rights in relation to the land, and to register such agreements under appropriate legislation.