UCA Statements

Trade Unions, Professional Associations and Employer Organisations

01 July 1991

The Assembly resolved:


That, recognising the importance of trade unions, professional associations, and employer organisations to the overall democratic processes in society, and acknowledging that in the present political, economic, and industrial climate, trade unions are under serious threat:

  1. the role trade unions and professional associations play in protecting those who are weaker in society, and the need for people to stand together in solidarity against injustice be affirmed;
  2. the need for Christians to express their discipleship in trade unions and professional associations as one way in which church and work life connect and influence each other be affirmed;
  3. members of the Uniting Church be encouraged to join and be active in the trade union and/or professional association appropriate to their employment;
  4. synods, Assembly agencies, and other Church bodies be requested to encourage employees to join and be active in an appropriate trade union and/or professional association.