UCA Statements

Integrity and Justice in Employment Relationships

01 July 2006

The Assembly resolved:


  1. to affirm that all people are entitled to just remuneration and equitable conditions of employment in their working lives, and dignity in unemployment;
  2. to note the Inaugural Assembly's 1977 Statement to the Nation, which committed the Church "to challenge values which emphasise acquisitiveness and greed in disregard of the needs of others and which encourage a higher standard of living for the privileged in the face of the daily widening gap between the rich and poor";
  3. to affirm Assembly Resolution 91.14.17 which stated that trade unions are of importance in the overall democratic process and play a role in protecting those who are vulnerable in society, and to remind members of its statement that "synods, Assembly agencies, and other Church bodies be requested to encourage employees to join and be active in an appropriate trade union and/or professional association";
  4. to affirm the importance of bearing witness to the Uniting Church's public role in the life of the nation by conducting our actions as an employer in line with our public affirmations of principle;
  5. to request the Assembly Standing Committee to appoint a task group to progress the development of a national approach in the area of just and ethical employment within the Uniting Church by

(i) convening a consultation among the synods and Assembly to

  • share together the way in which each is seeking to ensure that their employment practices are consistent with Uniting Church statements on the role of employers and the rights of employees,
  • consider identifying minimum expectations of employing bodies in the church and/or guidelines by which the employment practices of the church may be measured against our commitment to social justice principles and our public statements on the role of employers and the rights of employees;
  • determine an appropriate timeframe for this undertaking, taking into account the immediate need created by the entry into effect of the WorkChoices legislation in March 2006; and

(ii) reporting to the ASC on the results of the consultation and related actions and bringing any recommendations for further action.