UCA Statements

Alternative Energy Sources

01 March 2000

It was resolved to:

Resolution 00.22.10-11 [extracts]

welcome the steps taken by government to encourage business enterprises to explore alternative energy sources through programs such as "the Greenhouse Gas Abatement Programme", the "Incentive to Switch to Lower Sulphur Fuels" and the 100% excise credit for rail transport;

call on government to initiate a more active program including:

  • direct government initiatives in developing models of energy use which minimise production of greenhouse gases and increase the use of environmentally benign, renewable resources;
  • tax credits for those working towards development of renewable, environmentally acceptable alternatives, and tax penalties on those who fail to meet targets set by government for reduced pollution;
  • significant increases in the provision of subsidy support for initial research, development and implementation of potentially viable alternative energies, with a view to becoming a leader in research, development and implementation of environmentally benign, renewable alternatives;
  • target government purchases towards enterprises consistent with these policy objectives.