UnitingJustice has commented on the United Nations Human Rights Committee’s observations on Australia’s record on civil and political rights. Whilst UnitingJustice welcomes the re-engagement of the current Federal Government with the United Nations human rights system, it believes that there are persistent violations of human rights within Australia, highlighted by the UN, which must be addressed.

UnitingJustice believes that the Health Requirement which applies to asylum seekers and refugees is discriminatory and impacts unfairly on potential migrants, refugees and humanitarian entrants. The Migration Act should not be exempt from the protections offered under the Disability Discrimination Act.  

UnitingJustice has made a submission about the equal treatment of same-sex couples.

UnitingJustice has made a submission to the parliamentary inquiry into Superannuation for same-sex couples.

Torture is among the most heinous of all human rights violations. It can never be justified, and UnitingJustice believes that the existing legislation does not go far enough to fulfil our commitment to its prevention. The Uniting Church hopes that this National Interest Analysis signals the final step in the implementation of OPCAT into Australian legislation.

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