About Human Rights

On the occasion of its inaugural Assembly in 1977, the Uniting Church in Australia issued a Statement to the Nation.

This Statement contains the Church’s promise to actively participate in Australian society and engage in public debate and the beliefs and commitments on which it would base such engagement:

'We affirm our eagerness to uphold basic Christian values and principles, such as the importance of every human being, the need for integrity in public life, the proclamation of truth and justice, the rights for each citizen to participate in decision-making in the community, religious liberty and personal dignity, and a concern for the welfare of the whole human race.'

The Church’s commitment to human rights is most fully expressed in the 2006 Uniting Church in Australia statement, Dignity in Humanity: Recognising Christ in Every Person.

This statement commits the Church to respect and uphold human rights, and to critically evaluate Government policy in light of the international human rights instruments and Australia’s human rights commitments. It encourages agencies and other groups within the Church to advocate for social policy and legislative outcomes consistent with Australia's international human rights obligations. In addition, the statement calls on the Australian Government to develop and promote human rights education and commits the Uniting Church National Assembly to promote awareness and understanding of human rights through existing and future programs.