UnitingJustice Australia has made a submission to the Senate Standing Committees on Environment and Communication in response to the Government’s Direct Action Plan. The Uniting Church believes that Australia needs to be a leader in the Asia-Pacific region in mitigating climate change. It questions the Government’s ability to achieve vital reductions to emissions through the Direct Action Policy, having deep reservations on the plan's short and long term efficacy.

In its submission, UnitingJustice welcomes the Government’s Clean Energy Future Legislation, particularly the greenhouse gas emissions reduction target of 80% by 2050. A strong clean energy plan is crucial to begin Australia’s transformation to a low-carbon economy and allow Australia to act with credibility in the continuing international climate change negotiations.

UnitingJustice has submitted its comments on carbon pricing to the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency. A carbon pricing mechanism is an essential part of a package of measure to reduce our greenhouse emissions and begin Australia’s transformation to a low-carbon economy.