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Federal Election 2013

A Resource for Uniting Church in Australia Members

In the Statement to the Nation made by the first Assembly in 1977, the Uniting Church in Australia recognised that Christian responsibility to society is fundamental to the mission of the Church. It promised that the Uniting Church response to the Christian gospel would always involve us in social and national affairs.

A Just Society: your faith, your voice, your vote is an expression of our faith as Christians and citizens of this country, and our commitment to share with all Australians in the search for meaning, purpose and community in life.

This resource is an invitation to consider your vote in the 2013 Federal Election in terms of what we need to do, as individuals and as a nation, to ensure a just society – one that is focussed on the good of all people and the planet, now and into the future. We hope that you will find it a helpful resource as you consider the values which underpin the policies of the political parties and candidates who are asking us to give them the responsibility of national leadership.

It is not the intention to lead you to any particular conclusion about whom you should or should not vote for. It does not ‘rate’ the policy platforms of political parties. It seeks to explore the implications of the gospel for aspects of Australia's national life. It contains material to help Church members identify important issues facing Australia, listen to politicians and political parties with discernment, and cast an informed vote.

As Christian voters we can make an impact before during and after the election: sharing and working for a vision for the future of our country that arises out of a deep and abiding Christian hope, sure in the knowledge that together we can build a world of peace, justice and equity for all. Jesus’ call to us to live as faithful disciples is a call to be bearers of this hope so that all may know the love of God.

About the Resource

This resource has four different elements.

The Booklet is the core part of the resource. It includes a message from the President of the Uniting Church in Australia, Rev. Prof. Andrew Dutney, a reflection on the theme, more about the purpose of the resource and some ideas and resources for active citizenship.

The issues sections in the booklet are drawn from longer and more detailed Issues Papers which cover the policy areas in more detail.

A series of Hot Issues Briefs are available which cover more specific issues, including some of the most talked about issues and others which are of particular concern to the Uniting Church.

The Election Toolkit includes a section on how to organise an election forum, ideas for active citizenship and prayers for use in worship in the weeks leading up to the election.

A Just Society: your faith, your voice, your vote has been produced for the Uniting Church Assembly by UnitingJustice Australia and includes materials prepared by various Assembly and synod agencies and Uniting Church members. We would like to thank everyone who has contributed.

There are limited printed copies available of the Booklet and the Hot Issues Briefs. Please contact your synod office or UnitingJustice Australia.

Issues Papers


Hot Issues Briefs


Election Toolkit